Jack + Jude is the dream of a talented chef and family man by the name of Lindsay Fush better known as Fushy. Who has put his heart and soul into creating a cafe that not only reflects his passion for food but also the love for his family and friends. It is an inviting place where you can come relax with family, friends or by yourself, enjoy amazing coffee or eat your way through the menu. 

Fushy uses his extensive knowledge and passion to not only create unique menus, but to also create a work environment that inspires his team to be the best at what they do. his staff are more like family and the respect that they have for each other shines through into their work. 

We also aim to be conscious of the environment that we are in here at Jack + Jude. We do this through using biodegradable BioPak containers and cups, using paper and metal straws, encouraging reusable cups and making a conscious effort to recycle what we can and reducing our landfill by using local farmers to collect all food scraps. We try to limit our food miles by utilising local suppliers for our products and produce, choosing to use only the freshest local ingredients to bring you a flavoursome and changing menu and delicious homemade cakes, slices and biscuits.

Our menu reflects our style which has a variety of options for those who know what they want and those who want to try a little bit of everything. Whether you are sharing a meal with your friends over a glass of wine, popping in for lunch and a coffee or just want a snack to get you through the day, we have something here for you